HP iPrint Photo

日期:2008 年 12 月 19 日个人作品

HP iPrint Photo is something our team have been contributed, it's a lightweight printing tool for iPhone & Wireless printers.  The idea is simple, the structure is light and doesn't take us long time to finish the GUI design, but it's always cool to face new challenges, right?   :D

Fun and easy wireless photo printing

HP iPrint Photo is a free downloadable software application that allows you to quickly and easily print 4" x 6" photos. Images stored on your iPhone or iPod touch can print on most HP networked ink jet printers connected to a local WiFi network. Wireless printing is a fun extension of the iPhone / iPod touch's easy photo capture and viewing experience.


More info about HP iPrint Photo:http://www.hp.com/united-states/consumer/digital_photography/free/software/iprint-photo.html?jumpi=ex_r602_go/iprintphoto

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