New Section Added: Photography!

2011 年 12 月 26 日 • My Other Works

Finally I made some update to my blog, I know this place has been "wasted" for a while, but in the world where microblog takes more and more important role, it's quite common I guess.

I tied a dark theme in the new page but still kept the consistency in header.  The gallery plug-in is the amazing TN3 Gallery!  I'm quite an amateur in photography field, but I hope you like my travel photos as I do!  Now please take a look at the new section:

Cleaner Gmail

2011 年 9 月 19 日 • My Other Works
The latest Gmail is clean enough but I still hate the "Buzz" and "invite" link, don't know how to turn them off, so I can only write a simple CSS script to hide them.  Install Stylebot to enable this simple script or copy the CSS to any custom CSS browser plug-ins:


Wrap Wallpaper

2011 年 3 月 23 日 • My Other Works


Came cross a great tutorial by Alien Wang(in Chinese):  Stream 6.  The result of practice is just this!  Haven't released freebies for a while and hope you like it!  :D  And by the way, the tutorial is really easy & fun to follow and I bet you can try it without reading the words.  :D
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