Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is a separate addition to the second part of the game.

The action, as well as the second part of the series, takes place in Karnak, shortly after Emily Calduin regained control of the islands. This time we play the character Billy Lurk, who helped us defeat Delilahu Copper Spoon in the previous part of the series.

Billy Lurk has different powers, weapons and gadgets than Emily and Corvo, the main characters of the second part of the cycle. The mechanics of sneaking and fighting remained the same as in the second part, so players who had the opportunity to play a sequel will feel at home.

- entering a new location, it is worth starting a study using force: a sight, thanks to which we will mark enemies before entering an unknown area. This will definitely help us plan our next steps;

- The levels of chaos have been lowered, and therefore it does not matter whether we kill opponents, circumvent them or disable them. Killing enemies does not affect the end of the game;

- The creators abandoned the Heart, thanks to which it was possible to determine the distance from the position of the bone amulets. In Death of an outsider, information about bone amulets will not appear on the screen until we are near the collectible. Then use your vision to pinpoint the location of the amulet;

- if you care about coins to spend them in a store on the black market, enter into contracts. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to immediately receive large amounts of money;

- In Outsider's Death, the mixtures that replenish mana were abandoned, so we don’t need to worry about the powers we use to quickly drain our mana levels. Mana replenishes when it ends.


You can improve our character and the weapons and gadgets that we use during the battle. The ability to develop accessories and weapons is only available in black market stores, which we will find in the second, third, and fourth chapters.

The update tree is quite extensive. For every opportunity to develop our weapons, gadgets and accessories must be paid. We can increase the number of bones that we can use simultaneously (maximum 10), as well as the number of grenades and mines that we can carry with us. Moreover, it is also possible to improve the lens in the scope and reduce damage.

Weapons and gadgets can also be improved. Reload speed, more damage, reduced noise - these are elements that can be additionally equipped with our arsenal. You can also pay the seller for goods that he still hasn’t had, such as electric rockets or turntables. Welcome to our chat porn Guest! All free porn chat, You chose this and believe me - no wonder! There are several reasons for this: firstly, all the content is provided to You absolutely free of charge, secondly, our resource is online around the clock, and thirdly - we never get bored. Porn video chat is a great.
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