Each person, if he, of course, takes care of himself, is simply obliged to pay attention to his appearance. This applies to both women and men, but it so happened historically and is so genetically determined that women pay more attention to themselves than men. Women are especially thrilled about their figure, even despite the fact that in society the standards of female beauty are constantly changing. More about this can be found in the blog about the construction https://xn--i1ackadgbhjo.xn--p1acf/.

All people are different and each has its own concept of the beauty of the female body. Someone thinks that he should be like models with a standard of 90-60-90, and someone believes that the most important thing is health, and weight is not so important. Indeed, in any case, health should come first. In addition, as a rule, healthy people have normal weight and do not need diets, and completeness is often a manifestation of metabolic disorders. In addition, very full people look at least not very aesthetically pleasing. In this regard, if fullness is a consequence of disorders in the body, then a diet is simply necessary. If there are no disorders in the body, then it is enough to simply lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right.

As part of the consideration of this issue, there is another important aspect. Often a woman loses weight in order to attract the attention of men, or at least remain attractive to her chosen one, and in the latter case, women do not even pay attention to what men like in the form in which they appear. For most women, the process of losing weight is largely associated with the process of self-improvement and gaining self-confidence.

Studies of recent years show that being carried away by the process of losing weight, giving preference to diets, women put much more effort into this than to maintain a relationship with a loved one, even if they were the motivation for losing weight. Going on a diet, women begin to preoccupy themselves exclusively with weight loss issues, involuntarily more often think about food, its calorie content, and not about sexual relationships with a partner. Diet and weight loss become an end in itself, and the rest is pushed into the background. Diet turns into an obsession, which is fraught with mental disorders.

No wonder they say that everything is good in moderation. Diet, weight loss are no exception. Whether or not to lose weight is a personal matter for every woman, but we should not forget that a diet is needed only in special cases, which only a specialist can determine for certain. And then, in the pursuit of the next standard of beauty, you can lose what is already there.
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