It is hard to believe that until recently in Moscow you could find only a few large hotels that offered guests of the capital a temporary refuge. To date, the hotel business in the capital is perhaps better developed than anywhere else in the country (maybe only with the exception of the resort towns of the Black Sea coast). In this regard, choosing a suitable hotel room is not difficult even for the most demanding and sophisticated people. So what is the variety of choice of Moscow hotels?

First of all, it should be noted the growing popularity of hostels - hotels in the form of hostels for young people and avid travelers. Hostels really replaced the recent hostels at enterprises and universities, but they are now available for absolutely everyone, and the level of service in such “inns” has increased significantly. This type of hotel attracts, first of all, with its affordable prices.

For those who come to the capital for business purposes, it will not be difficult to book a hotel near the Moscow Ring Road or in the very center of the city. Such a hotel, most likely, will have three stars and without fail the Internet in the room, as well as the opportunity to host an event in the conference room. The last two components are extremely important for businessmen. This type of hotel in the modern capital is perhaps the most, since Moscow is rightfully considered the main business center of Russia.

However, in addition to business sharks, ordinary Russians and families regularly come to Moscow (especially in the summer, during the holidays and vacations) in order to get acquainted with the historical sights and the great cultural heritage of the capital. Cozy mini-hotels located both in the city center and near train stations and airports offer their services to them. The convenience of booking rooms in mini-hotels lies in the fact that they do not have the usual hustle and bustle for large hotel complexes. In such hotels, on the contrary, simplicity and home atmosphere reign, which is very popular with family people.
For those who are not used to denying anything to themselves, there is a fairly wide selection of five-star luxury hotels, as well as apartments on the Arbat-Pokrovskaya line and in other areas located in the very center of the capital. Such hotels and apartments are equipped with absolutely everything necessary for a comfortable stay, and the service in them is simply impeccable. $10 deposit casino
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