New settlers often face the problem of registration and repair of housing, as well as the arrangement of furniture, which also needs to be bought. I don’t feel like moving to a new apartment with an old wardrobe or bed. Moving is associated with a new stage in life, where everyone wants to start from scratch. Jeorge, The chief editor of the monetary service FinCor gives additional information regarding this issue.
Of course, buying a property is an expensive pleasure and it is often impossible to furnish an apartment with furniture beyond its strength and financial capabilities. Sleeping on the floor and putting things on the table is, to put it mildly, an unsuccessful idea. If there is no cash in order to immediately purchase a furniture set - it is better to seek help. Who can provide it? First of all, these are relatives. However, many people do not want to become a hostage to the situation and every time avoid meeting with relatives.
Even if they do not mention debt, they will certainly think about it. Therefore, the best option is to get a loan. Why do you need to do this? Thanks to the loan, you can sleep peacefully and not worry about the fact that not today so tomorrow the lender will demand a repayment of the debt. Everything is clearly regulated: according to the agreement, the borrower is obliged to pay a certain amount during the agreed period of time.
Bank services
Some consumers do not understand that taking furniture on credit is the same as taking a loan to buy equipment. This is a normal practice that is used by many financial institutions. Similar consumer programs exist in the assets of any financial institution, with the exception of those that lend exclusively to business representatives. No need to be afraid and worry, because such loans are issued without problems with a minimum package of documents. For the bank, the main thing is the solvency and reliability of the client. If his credit history is not spoiled, there is a permanent job, official salary - you can safely apply for a loan.
Without delay
Do not deny yourself the desire to equip your house so that all family members live comfortably in it. There is no need to postpone filling out the application for later, because the sooner you submit it, the faster you can get a loan for furniture. Banks make a decision within 1-5 business days. Much depends on the policies of the financial institution and the agility of its employees. As a rule, a positive decision on consumer loans is taken in 80% of cases. And this is a very good indicator that demonstrates the readiness of a financial institution for close and mutually beneficial cooperation.
A bilateral agreement is signed in which all the details and details of this transaction are clearly spelled out. The client receives a debt repayment schedule and is obliged to follow it strictly so as not to spoil his credit history.
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