Exercise is not torture

When strengthening the pelvic floor, mainly deeply laid muscle layers work. This is slow and focused, so it may seem to you that you are not even practicing.

Kegel exercises are known that include conscious and isolated contraction and release of sphincters in the pelvic floor.

But later approaches emphasize the need to “feel” the deepest muscles. “It is no exception that women initially do not feel the pelvic floor at all, they feel that they are lying. It can take months, ”says the yoga instructor.

Breathing also plays an important role. Imagine that the pelvic floor is an elevator, which when exhaling slowly rises up and into the body, breathing it in, bends and lowers.

In addition to exercises, you can activate the pelvic floor by balancing on one leg or walking on an uneven surface.

Your stories:

Elena (56): “At the beginning of menopause, urine leaked. Coincidentally, at that time I started doing yoga for women not because of incontinence, but to feel better. There we practiced to the pelvic floor, and the lecturer told us about it. It excited me, I train at home almost every day. During a routine examination, I mentioned a doctor who supported me to continue. Now I am much better, accidents are only here and there. The most amazing thing was when I finally felt my pelvic floor. "

Martina (32 years old): “I experienced the first drops in my panties during pregnancy. After giving birth, I was unpleasantly surprised that everything was not normal ... I was ashamed, but in the end I decided to fight. The gynecologist wrote me a rehabilitation course, and I was lucky to become an excellent physiotherapist. She also directed me to yoga, which I am now keeping fit. So, at the moment I am doing serious yoga, because we are waiting for the desired second child, but as long as I can, I will continue to do after birth. I really don't want to experience these embarrassing feelings anymore. ”

Take it comprehensively

However, targeted pelvic floor relaxation is just as important as strengthening. Therefore, ideally, if you choose a holistic approach.

“The pelvic floor is a specific area of ​​the body associated with other areas. This is very closely related to our legs and the general position of the pelvis. If you have flat feet or halux, you will almost certainly have problems with your pelvic floor. And also: someone begins to practice incontinence during the cessation of back or hip pain, the disappearance of menstrual cramps or begins to train legs due to leg pain, and after a while they are surprised to find that the problem with urine leakage has improved. ” Vera Voitekhova shares her experience. “The revival of the pelvic floor combines physical exercise and the mindset - often requiring the release of various mental blocks. Yoga is good because it takes into account the non-material side of things, ”he adds.

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