Every person who has at least once dealt with repair work knows that to successfully complete the process, it is worth following a certain sequence of work. To begin with, the arrangement of the ceiling is carried out.

This is necessary so that the rubbish that occurs during the construction process does not damage the other, finished parts of the room. Dust work on the walls follows the ceiling. In particular, plaster, putty and the like. The next step is painting or replacing windows and doors. Only the best online http://www.friv2online.com/juegosfriv games are presented on this mega portal.

Then go to the finish wall cladding and finally the flooring. This is absolutely true. But if it is planned to install ultramodern suspended ceilings in the room, the scheme changes dramatically. Installation of the ceiling coating from the first stages of the repair process moves to the last. What is the reason for this? Everything is quite elementary. The installation process of a stretch ceiling is carried out not only quickly, but also carefully.

Setting the profile around the perimeter of the room, preliminary level measurement, stretching the PVC film and fixing it, do not provoke the appearance of dust and debris. The only possible phenomenon is the crumb from the walls, which will appear when the fixing profile is screwed on. And then, this happens when the dowel-nails are used in the installation. Other types of mounts do not even bring such a litter.

Proceeding from this, the installation of the ceiling coating, due to its accuracy, cannot cause damage to other already prepared parts of the room. Rather, the opposite. If you install the ceiling in the first stages of repair work, it may be dirty, although it does not threaten him much, or it may be damaged by sharp parts during the execution of the other spectrum of work.

We can say that the installation of PVC film should be the final stage of repair. In a simpler and more accessible language, the installation of a film coating should begin when all work that is a source of dust is already behind. For example, the wallpaper is pasted and dried, ceramic tiles are installed up to the height of the ceiling, the walls are painted and so on.

The only thing that is recommended to do after installing the stretch ceiling is to glue baguettes around the perimeter of the room. They emphasize the harmony of the room. At the end of the installation, it is enough to simply wipe the film surface of the ceiling with an ordinary detergent for glasses, but always based on alcohol.
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