They don’t explain to us where these strange one-eyed lumps came from, which can adhere to various surfaces. Cling Thing does not pamper us with watching thematic videos: a minimum of preliminary tales - a maximum of gameplay. Publisher Chillingo decided to make its own "timekiller". Did you succeed? Play the best web site site friv games at The most popular collection of friv games are presented on this mega portal.

funny animated, sticky and, imagine, one-eyed protagonist, after a few seconds after the launch, he will already ask for battle. No, no fights are expected here. It will only be necessary to find sticky surfaces at the level, stretch out their tentacles to them and move directly to the suction tube, which strives to pull the one-eyed one to a new level.

To successfully complete each location you need to remember two things. Firstly, without the total collection of scattered stars, nowhere at all. All your manipulations on finding sticky and tenacious will be aimed at this. Secondly, all this is tied to time: the faster you work, the steeper the medal will be.

In cling thingbodies are constantly interacting. You will meet various objects that can rotate, block the passage or just stand peacefully in a corner. Want to collect all the stars? Then calculate the trajectories, think over the ways and do not forget about the "multitouch". Yes, the game uses this feature - sometimes our creature will need to hook on two Velcro sticks at once. They put two fingers on the screen at the right distance from each other - and the point is in the hat.

There are 96 levels in total, and their passage will not be difficult. This is what the game saddens. You will quickly figure out what is here and how. You will go through a dozen (other, third) levels and understand that your inquisitive mind has nothing to cling to. The music here is completely “off topic”, and the preliminary story, which would at least somehow and at least somehow explain, is simply not there. Hence the sad result.

Cling Thing developers need to learn from ZeptoLab to work with their audience. And then you do not have videos in the game, nor serious complexity, nor sensible music. Everything seems to be tolerable, but it's too damp. And the “mobile” player, now spoiled, will pass and will not even notice.

Pros: sticky hero; a device of very few levels makes you think.
Cons: low complexity; poorly selected music; no storytelling.
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