Currently, there is a tendency that the stretch ceiling is becoming an integral part of the layout of any interior. Let's talk about the selection criteria for suspended ceilings in the living room.
First of all, pay attention to the texture and color. There can be two ways - either you choose a matte ceiling, or please your eye with elegant gloss.
When choosing the design of your stretch ceiling, pay attention to its compliance with the geometric dimensions, lighting style and color scheme of the interior. If your living room has high ceilings, take a look at the multi-level models. They will look quite peculiar. Glossy designs will look good in a tall living room. You can choose the color and pattern to your liking, realizing your most sophisticated wishes. In small rooms, the absence of bulky ornaments can be compensated for using matte or satin materials.
Install stretch ceilings in the living room so that they contribute to the diffusion of light from the chandeliers. You can also choose the highlight in a rich variety of various options. We would recommend LED backlighting for a number of reasons. Firstly, it will serve you long and reliably. In addition, the LED strip will become a kind of decoration for your interior and, at the same time, will be more financially acceptable for your family. This accessory gives a rather bright light, which when scattered illuminates all the charms of your design. With proper installation, you can hide the design itself from the eyes, while creating various images that will give your ceiling an originality and taste.
In order for your ceiling to fit into the general interior of the room, pay attention to the correspondence of the style of decoration of the living room and the model. In the event that your room is made according to classical standards, then light matte stretch ceilings add harmony. If you prefer modern, get a glossy design with a metallic sheen.
Originality will give your interior an art print. Using all kinds of drawings will only give your abode sophistication and sophistication. The latest fad is an oriental ornament or texture in the form of a starry sky, made using phosphor paint (based on it is a material that accumulates and reflects light). This will immerse you in the mysterious nature of the night sky and you will feel like a medieval stargazer, opening on the horizon another beautiful star. Eastern style will take you to the Mediterranean coast. You will find yourself in a Muslim shadr, listening to the silence of the Turkish surf and Muslim adhan.
In conclusion, we would like to note that the suspended ceiling in the living room can be compared with the owner's handwriting. It is also individual and practical. When choosing this part of the interior, you can consult a designer or dwell on one of the options that numerous construction companies in your city will offer you. My Secure Tabs
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