Plant or fertile soil is called the topsoil taken from the fields. As a rule, it is a mixture of chernozem, peat, sand, clayey rocks. Its fertility is determined by the content of mineral and nutrients. They create the breeding ground necessary for the normal functioning of plants.

The soil can be enriched with various mineral fertilizers, as well as with the substances necessary for growing certain types of plants that are especially susceptible to specific microelements and substances. The excellent biological activity of high-quality fertile soil ensures the creation of good conditions for the development of plants and their root system.

Plant soil is usually used as the basis for buildings and structures, when planning plots and sites for construction work, in the arrangement of territories, as a backfill. It can be material for various constructions and is indispensable when it comes to embankments, leveling roads, backfilling ravines and pits. And of course household and agricultural work are not complete without it. It is widely used for landscaping lawns, in the landscape design of park and garden areas. It is also necessary when growing seedlings in a greenhouse.

Plant soil is a seasonal commodity. Especially many who wish to purchase it in the spring. More recently, it was difficult to imagine that you need to buy land. However, now this product is in well-deserved demand. It is bought by gardeners and construction companies. In the most common cases on plant soil, the price depends on the volume and range of delivery.

Soil based on peat-sand mixtures is a black mixture containing lowland or transitional peat. Composition: 30-40% sand and 60-70% peat. A feature of the mixture is a medium loamy composition with a high organic content.

Upper peat, which is also called high or light, is peat of the upper layer with a degree of decomposition of up to 15%. It is characterized by high water and gas absorption capacity, but its content of humic and amino acids is low. In addition to black, lowland peat is characterized by friability and fertility. Its features are an abundance of nutrients and a slightly acid reaction of the environment. The most important characteristic of peat is ash content, which shows the percentage of mineral components in it. For lowland peat, this indicator is from 6 to 18%. Whether you're looking for free sex chat of the chatrooms require registration or sign up. All chats are "anonymous chats" - they don't require any personal information - you simply choose a nickname and enter the chatroom.
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