The most extraordinary and unforgettable experience can be obtained by traveling through the Canadian province of British Columbia, near the city of Vancouver, just a 15-minute drive north. Here is one of Canada’s most popular attractions - the Capilano Suspension Bridge, recognized as the country's longest suspension bridge. The suspended structure stretches over a deep gorge for 137 meters, connecting the two edges of the canyon at an altitude of 70 meters. A significant influx of adrenaline, irresistible fear or a storm of delight can be felt while standing on the bridge in windy weather, when it begins to swing significantly. Having overcome this bridge, laid over a fleeting mountain river with the same name Capilano, and taking the opportunity to admire the picturesque mountain landscape, brave tourists find themselves under the mighty crowns of trees in a large park with exciting attractions and the necessary infrastructure (cafes, shops).
The Capilano Suspension Bridge was built in 1889 under the guidance of Scottish builder George Mackay so that locals can get from their homes on the west bank of the river to a sawmill and gold mines on the east bank. The bridge and river got their name in honor of the leader of the Indian tribe that lived in these places. Before entering the suspension bridge, animal totems flaunt as symbols of reverence for the leader.
Initially, the bridge was made of hemp ropes and cedar boards. Since then, the structure, of course, has been repeatedly strengthened with the help of heavy-duty steel cables and reliable concrete substrates. The Capilano suspension bridge underwent a complete reconstruction in 1956. Modern design engineers claim that today the suspension bridge is able to withstand loads of up to 90,000 kg.
Recently, the suspension bridge has become the private property of Nancy Stibbart. Consequently, to walk along it and relax in the park is possible only for a fee. However, this does not stop hundreds of thousands of tourists from visiting the Capilano suspension bridge. In 2004, the owner of the park opened several hiking trails, as well as seven more suspension bridges, laid at a height of 30 meters between the majestic trees, and called this attraction a "Walk on the tops of the trees." At the entrance to the suspension bridge is a small museum dedicated to the history of the bridge and the culture of indigenous peoples. Girls in Bonga chat know perfectly well how to satisfy you with the help of their webcam. Look at the girls online on webcam! Already a large number of users visit free live sex cam Naked girls are both relaxation and getting a charge of female attention for a few days. Free Porn videos from Webcams. A bunch of hot porn video content from Webcams is waiting for you. Enjoy! Bongachat - this is the place where you can have sex with girls via webcam.
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