Q. How do I make various styles of performance that I am missing?

A. Here is a list of Performance Styles and how to make them.

(Note: For most of these styles, a Rival Family member requires a low level of health before you can use the Run command. Some of them will have to wait until you see the Run prompt at the top of the screen before you can do this and others, you just need to perform the indicated action to complete it, you will need a member of the rival family to complete these styles.)

# 1 Blackhand Execution

Kill a member of the rival family while fighting the Black Hand without grabbing them.

# 2 Bombs Away Execution

Blast a rival family member with dynamite or a bomb.

# 3 Cocktail Hour Execution

Use Molotov cocktail on an opponent

# 4 Grand Slam Execution

When you see the Rival Family Member kneeling, go up to them (facing them) with a bat and use Execute.

# 5 Blackhand Grapple Execution

Grab a rival family member and kill him by fighting with the Black Hand.

# 6 Hard Head Execution

Grab a member of the rival family and turn to face the counter before bumping his head in to kill.

# 7 Last Gasp Execution

Grab the souls (L3 + R3) of the opponent.

# 8 Over Cooked Execution

When you are in a funeral home or bakery, take a member of your opponent's family and throw it in the oven. Left-click on them and, while holding LMB, push their RMB.

# 9 Road Rage Execution

Outrun a member of the rival family with your vehicle.

# 10 Silent Assassin Execution

Get up and use your wire on the opponent.

# 11 Stained Glass Execution

Throw out a family member from a one-story window. Press LMB on it (with their backs to the window) and, while holding LMB, push them out by clicking on RMB.

# 12 Watch Your Step Execution

Throw a family member out of the two-story window, from the roof, through the railing or any other high places. Press the LMB enemy (of course, with your back to the railing) and, while holding the LMB, push them out with RMB.

# 13 Traffic Accident Execution

Throw the enemy in front of a moving machine. This is a little complicated, you do not need to stand directly in front of the car, but simply on the sidelines in order to have time to throw the enemy under the car. Throw a member of the rival family in front of the machine to kill him (this requires practice).

# 14 Wallpapered Execution

Throw a rival member into the wall.

# 15 Hats Off Execution

Shoot the knee of the enemy to put him on his knees. Approach them (facing them) with one-handed weapons and use Execute.

# 16 Pistol Execution

Use one-handed weapons on an opponent’s family member while he is standing, and use Run.

# 17 Faceoff Execution

Shoot the knee of the enemy to put him on his knees. Approach him (facing him) with a two-handed weapon and use the "Run".

# 18 Gut Shot Execution

Shoot the opponent’s family member in the stomach (Aim automatically and slide the net down over their body until it turns red in the abdomen).

# 19 Disarmed

Shoot the enemy’s shoulder to drop his weapon.

# 20 Kneecapped

Shoot the enemy’s knee so that he falls to his knees.

# 21 Firearm Execution

Shoot your opponent using firearms.

# 22 Sure Shot Execution

Shoot a member of the family of rivals with a headshot to kill them. Rating online casinos: https://www.gamblers.casino Play and win!
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