Psychological Causes
Diabetes, together with kidney diseases and diseases, impacting nerves and veins, account for 70% of Erectile Dysfunction causes. Therefore, any choice of unhealthy lifestyle, which can in future lead to problems with heart, blood pressure, overweight, cardiovascular problems increases the risks for getting an Erectile Dysfunction very soon. Smoking, abuse of drugs and alcohol, obesity, absence of physical exercises can all cause problems with erection.

Another common cause of Erectile Dysfunction is surgery. Bladder cancer surgery and radical prostate surgery often give Erectile Dysfunction as one of possible side effects, as during the surgery, arteries and nerves surrounding the penis can be injured. Injuries of back, bladder, prostate and pelvis can also lead to Erectile Dysfunction. Some medications have side effects and lead to ED, among them are medicines used for treatment of high blood pressure, depression, tranquilizers, antihistamine drugs, appetite suppressants and ulcer drugs.

Psychological Causes
Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by psychological problems. Depression, stress, low self-esteem and anxiety account for 10-20% of causes of Erectile Dysfunction. Fear of sexual failure can often lead to real failure during sex. Psychological causes of ED are easier to cure, as sometimes they can be treated with only counseling or sex therapy. In most cases, psychological ED affects young men.
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