Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark is a stealth Bastard Deluxe indie platformer ported to PS3 and Vita . The developers of the little-known Curve Studios have created a surprisingly thoughtful stealth mechanics. The new version differs from the original not only in its name, but also in minor details in the design and architecture of the levels. Also, the project from the host of noble-free transferred to the category of paid. Whether the game is worth the stated price or not - let's see. If you want to relax a bit and play online games kizi in Brazil then you need to find your favorite website on the Internet at the request of the kizi game and start playing.

Stealth Inc is striking simplicity of design. The picture is pleasant - but no more. The graphics are completely two-dimensional, any trendy effects are completely absent. The level design is also not particularly impressive: monotonous corridors in gray tones are the only thing we will deal with. Visual minimalism in the "old school" style is designed to focus our attention on the gameplay. The same goes for the plot.

Of course, from a typical representative of platformers puzzles, a dramatic narrative and unpredictable endings in the manner of BioShock Infinite should not be expected. Nevertheless, even in such a highly specialized genre, the story can add an interesting flavor to the game. A striking example of this is the recent Fez . Stealth inconly sparingly reports that a certain company is engaged in the production of nosy clones, outwardly strongly resembling the notorious Sam Fisher. We are also tasked with testing them. Each level is a unique test of clone abilities. More precisely, our intelligence.

The fact is that stealth is presented here not in a curtailed, but in the very full and almost perfect form. The game of hide and seek from Stealth Inc doesn’t look like it at all in Hitman: Absolution or even Mark of the Ninja. To be seen here is to be killed. In our pockets, we don’t have a rapid-fire machine gun or a baton that can be used to “turn off” an unwanted pair of enemy eyes without bothering - only night-vision goggles are included in the main hero’s inventory, and its possibilities are limited by banal left-right movement and jumping. However, this set of tools is enough to create an exciting gameplay.

Each level is a system of corridors, doors and tunnels equipped with various observation devices. The game rooms are filled with cameras and robots with a small field of view, visualized as a green cone. Getting into it in a bright room causes a fatal blow of a laser; in a dark room, we will go unnoticed. To get past the enemy, it is not enough to go around him or not to appear in the light. Dark areas and alternative paths in general may not be. To reach the end point, you need to find and implement the correct sequence of actions, moving blocks, opening doors and gates, turning off the lights. Gradually, the complexity of puzzles increases, the number of elements included in the task increases. So, over time, we will come across surfaces that make sounds and attract enemies, teleports,

To convey the essence of what is happening, we give a typical example of local puzzles. The button that opens the cherished door, is right in front of us. However, it is activated only when we are on it - one has only to take a step towards the door, as it closes. So, instead of us, the button should push something else. This can only be an enemy robot. But he patrols the floor above. Therefore, we must wait until he enters the elevator, and lower it. But the elevator control terminal is under the direct supervision of the camera! To turn it off, you need to press the lever, unfortunately located right in front of the same robot.

These are the tasks found here everywhere. It would seem that this is a vicious circle, to find a way out of which is simply impossible. Sometimes you suffer over a problem for about ten minutes. Every second you start to believe more and more that the solution simply does not exist: a bug, a mistake of developers, a virus, an optical illusion, a joke of the universe — anything, but the human mind is not able to find a solution! And you fight over and over again, trying to outwit the robot, but the result is only a terrible mess of the internals of the clone on the screen. At the twentieth attempt, you will feel like Archimedes , exclaiming “eureka!”, And your joy will have no limits. At this moment, you penetrate deep respect for yourself and the game, realizing that unpretentious appearance has nothing to do with the genius of level designers from Curve Studioswho created a really smart and hardcore puzzle.

Yes, this is not a stealth with the freedom of planning and movement. There are no alternatives here, the path to the final goal is only one, and the player’s task is to calculate the correct sequence of actions. Stealth Inc is a challenging puzzle game that cannot be assembled immediately. Fortunately, the developers generously scattered “checkpoint” levels, so you can safely experiment without fearing for your own life. Yes, you have to die often - intellectual work requires sacrifice. However, if we died in Super Meat Boy due to insufficient dexterity, here it’s all the fault of misfortune. However, Stealth Inc often requires tremendous skill from us - it is not always possible to get through some narrow corridor with a dozen moving lasers.

And yet you need to die less often. The fact is that at the end of each level an assessment is made based on the speed of passage and the number of deaths. If you play online, you will immediately be shown the results of other players and your place in the world ranking. In addition, for the quickly passed tests, as well as the found secret gizmos, you will discover additional locations and new types of clones, which give some advantages (for example, the ability to go away for a couple of seconds into invisibility). So after the first passage and thorough study of the levels of Stealth Inc from intellectual testing turns into a race, where sleight of hand and speed of reaction come to the fore.

A total of eight campaigns in the game, each of which consists of a dozen tests. If this is not enough for you, you can experiment yourself in designing levels. The game includes an excellent map editor, with which you can create your own masterpiece and puzzle your friends.

It is believed that the games serve as a means of entertainment and rest from hard working days. With Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark is the opposite - hardcore puzzles, draining the brain and leaving calluses on your fingers, will force you to take breaks and look for a moment of peace in the outside world. However, each victory will bring incomparable joy to anything, and for the sake of this feeling you want to return to the puzzles again and again.

Pros: brilliant in its simplicity mechanics; hardcore
Cons: lack of plot.

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