We have repeatedly argued that any kind of game on a mobile phone in which you need to quickly and quickly fool your opponent with hooks and uppercuts is doomed to wage an eternal struggle with responsiveness and reduced battle dynamics. Real Boxing , one of the few worthy “boxing” simulators on iOS and Android, is notable for its convenient controls that are not annoying for the player. It is doubly pleasant that this is far from her only advantage. Friv games play online at this website www.friv3-games.com. Play today at the best friv games.

If you played, say, Fight Night Round 4 , you probably remembered what role the sticks of the gamepad played in striking a virtual opponent. Small “fungi” helped determine the type of movement, its strength and direction. A similar scheme was adopted by developers from Vivid Games . Of course, the system was slightly simplified and adapted to the capabilities of the sensor, but the principle of "fist swiping" remained the same. Simple “tapas” (that is, quick taps on the screen) help the fighter give out direct punches. And “swipes” (when you need to draw whole lines on the display with your finger) are responsible for uppercuts and hooks - depending on the direction of movement along the sensor, of course.

At the height of the battle, you will sometimes get confused and not keep up, but this is normal. The main thing is not to stop and get away from oncoming blows in time. You won’t be able to tire the enemy with a series of kicks - you won’t even have time to blink an eye when the controlled boxer runs out of steam and the clinch will be his only salvation. Do not disdain "pressing" - here they are great to replenish strength and endurance.

At first, an inexperienced boxer will regularly fall to the floor. Do not despair and that there is urine "tap" on the screen - the way out of the knockdown is implemented in this way.

Modes in Real Boxingstandard. There is a single career, one-time battle and training. It’s not worth talking about the last two - everything is clear here. All attention to the main single player mode. We beat other people's faces, tear out mouth guards, earn points. After we spend them on our handsome and train a lot. There are regular workouts where skills grow long and hard. And there are super-races that give a solid increase to the “skills” at a time. The second option is more acceptable, but requires timely in-game payment. Well, if you control the multiplayer and the opponents there - you have a separate "respect and respect."

Every battle takes place under the appropriate accompaniment of a roaring public and caustic remarks by a commentator. Everything is reasonably plausible and does not cut the ear - and more, in fact, is not necessary.

Boxing fighting game with convenient controls, an abundance of modes, spectacular animation and, as they say, live audio accompaniment. One of the best in the "pocket" format.

Pros: animation; sound; strike system, borrowed from games from "large" platforms.
Cons: fighters, in addition to skin color and hairstyles, are not much different from each other; long "pumping" in a single mode.
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