For many, the weight indicator is the only one true for determining completeness. If the scales show a lot of weight, then there is a lot of fat in the body. If the weight is less than 45, then the indicators of fat reserves are all right. This statement is fundamentally false.

Parameters are more important than weight

If on, then it goes, then you need to chase not for weight, but for body parameters. That is, if your parameters are close to ideal, and you have a weight of 55 kg, then what is the point of throwing off more. Here the whole point is that fat and muscles have different volumes with the same weight.

That is, 50 kg with the same height can look different. They may look like fat deposits in the sides, cellulite, and an ugly stomach. Or they may look like a flat stomach, tightened sides and a complete absence of cellulite. If your goal is to look beautiful, and not bring your body to exhaustion, then chase volumes, not weight.

How to remove fat

This question should concern the one who was going to lose weight. It is necessary to reduce not the weight, but the parameters of the body. This is easiest to do by running. To know how to run, to lose weight, you need to turn to the simplest biochemistry. As you know, the body uses carbohydrates and fats as energy. And if the body has a lot of carbohydrates, then it may not even come to fats. Therefore, in the first place, to reduce the amount of fat, it is necessary to reduce the intake of carbohydrates. Fats are burned only by enzymes that are made from proteins. Therefore, in order for fats to be burned, you need to consume more proteins. Since if enzymes are not enough, fats will not be burned either. And finally. Even if you completely exclude the consumption of carbohydrate food, then anyway in any food there is a minimum amount of carbohydrates that are stored in the form of glycogen. Therefore, you must run for at least 40 minutes, 30 of which the body burns the stored glycogen, and the rest of the time begins to spend fats.

That is, only by running and reducing the intake of carbohydrates, while replacing them with proteins, you can achieve a fit body. And even without seeing changes in the scales, changes in the parameters of the volume of the chest, hips and waist will be necessary.


And another important factor in fat burning is the intensity of training. The longer and faster you run, the faster the process of fat burning will occur. Even if beginners run long cross-country runs every day at the same pace, sooner or later the body will get used to the load and stop giving up fat reserves. Therefore, when training, it is necessary to gradually increase the distance and pace of running. Simple conversations, erotic shows, virtual sex in private – that's what you can get here. Men choose beauties, write messages and get satisfaction. Visit to web cam girls The hottest Russian girls, couples, lesbians have sex on camera, show a show and just communicate completely live. See porn live every day! Be polite, do not be harsh, you can pre-ask her in free chat what she does and what she does not do in private chat. It's worth knowing before you go.
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