Hey There, I'm JJ Ying,
based in Shanghai, China.
Just Another UI Designer.
Working at XD and previously at Baidu & HP.
And know a little about coding.
But just too little to be called full-stack. 😝

V2 Website

Web Design / Front-end Dev / Back-end Dev

2016 Year-End Report

Web Design / Development

Clover Sans
Typeface Design

Coming soon...
I Also Love Sharing,
and coffee, and football games, and photography.
I've been Blogging for 10+ Years,
in Chinese Mandarin, of course.
And Recently I Hosted a Podcast,
with my best friend Leon Gao.

Award-Winning Podcast

Leon Gao and I created Anyway.FM design podcast in late 2015, we were so lucky to receive 'Best of 2015' award from Apple iTunes after just 5 episodes.

About Me

Once I thought I could be a life-time pixel-pusher, but then I realize I'm more interested in the mixture of design and codes (maybe just tags, since I only knew HTML/CSS and JS). 😅
I live in Shanghai, China and currently work at XD as a Senior UI designer. When I'm not working or feeding my little daughter, I love taking stupid photos and watching Man Utd games.