My Photo Sharing Path

日期:2012 年 4 月 8 日Diary
After acquiring my first smartphone, taking and sharing photos to record corners of my life becomes a daily job to me.    I'm a guy who badly want to share everything in social websites, especially after microblog was introduced to China and Weibo was born so that I can 'twitter' completely in my mother tongue.

In the mean time, quite a few new photography App came alive with different features, like Instagram with super rich and amazing filters, Path with always creative ways to present photos.  These new tools are now more than just camera App replacement, they themselves play role as a social network, I login everyday to see what my friends are doing and what they comment about my stuff, but usually the people I followed in these apps are not totally same.


Here raise the issue as shown in the picture, I took a single photo, using different App to upload to different places, I have to set quite a few configurations and remember where I have or haven't uploaded, these are painful.  If you use those Apps, too, you know how I feel.  :(

I do hope there is a service that can help me simplify the whole process with in a single tap and in the meanwhile, aggregating all the feedback from different all sources and present to my in a right way, I would love to pay 5 bucks a month to it!  :D

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