Alienware Invader Cursors

日期:2005 年 9 月 5 日个人作品


Inspired by The Skins Factory's latest suite -- Alienware Invader
The official permission file is zipped. Thanks TSF a lot for the kind permission!

  • Fully 3D Animated
  • 17 stats in total.
  • More Alienware Skins from The Skins Factory: AlienGUIse

  • Install Cursor FX (Formerly known as Cursor XP) first
  • Download the pack and unzip it.
  • Apply the cursor by directly double clicking on the .CurXPTheme file you downloaded
  • More settings like shadows & cursor size can be adjusted in the 'Mouse' section of your 'Control Panel'
  • For more support, you can directly drop me a line

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