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Have issues when customizing your desktop?  Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below for answers, if you still have no idea about how to figure out, please be free to contact me for support.

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WindowBlinds is a computer program that allows users to modify, or "skin" the Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) using skins, or visual styles, created by other artists and users.  

WindowBlinds 6

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My WindowBlinds skin works
WindowBlinds skin gallery @ WinCustomize
WindowBlinds skin gallery @ deviantART

WindowBlinds skins have the file extension .wba, and if WindowBlinds is already installed on your system, the file will be automatically associated with the program. To run the skin, first double-click the skin file to install it, then load WindowBlinds either via your Start Menu shortcut or from the icon in your system tray. When you open WindowBlinds, you'll see a scrolling list of all skins you have available on your system, and a preview of what a selected skin will look like.

Select the skin you want from the list, and then click on the "Apply" link in the preview portion of the application window. It will take several seconds as WindowBlinds applies the skin to your system.

More info about WindowBlinds @ WinCustomize Wiki

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In most cases, png format icons can be used in dock bar.  Dock bar is a toolbar first used by Mac OS.  Usually the icons on it are shown in large resolution, so we often use .png picture instead of normal .ico files to represent a program or so.  

Mac OS X desktop

Windows XP desktop

And in Windows XP, there are many software can simulate the dock bar.
Such software includes Object Dock, RK Launcher, Y'z Dock

PNG format icons gallery @ deviantART

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Most of my cursors are designed for CusorXP, an application that allows you to use and create custom cursors for Windows.  And the free trial version already contains enough functions to apply thousands of cursors.

Tronnix cursor pack designed by me

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My CursorXP skin works
CursorXP skin gallery @ WinCustomize
CursorXP skin gallery @ deviantART
More info about CursorXP @ WinCustomize Wiki')

Here is just a start of my FAQ section, and the content is limited, if you still have some questions to ask, please be free to leave a comment here and help my refine this page.  

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