Our Team

日期:2007 年 7 月 16 日Diary
I've been working at intel as an intern for more than a month.  And I truelly believe I've learned a lot from my talented colleagues[emot]smile[/emot]  It's so much fun that we chat with each other, sharing ideas and skills!

I'm almost the youngest member of our team[emot]cool[/emot](A girl joined us today and finally our team is fully established, she is younger than me, lol)  It's my pleasure to work together with them!  

In the past weeks, I've witnessed how skilled they are, I proudly thought our team shows lots of talents in different fields[emot]grin[/emot]  And here I'm gonna introduce them to you and make a little promote:

Zheng li bo, graduated from China Academy of Art.  He has excellent works of multimedia and flash based website, which is his major subject in university.  Zheng is so humble of what he has designed but no one would disagree his works kick ass!  Besides, he has a wonderful Macbook[emot]grin[/emot]

Too bad I can't show you his works here, but here are some necklece made by his girlfriend, she is designing and selling these handicrafts.


Zhang jia, a postgraduate in Shanghai Jiao Tong University.  As an organizer in our team, she has so many creative ideas and is working very hard.  She majors in Industry Design and in the meantime she is interested in comics, this is an emotion pack she designed few weeks ago:

Zhang shu yi, a girl born in ChongQing, grew up in YunNan, graduated in Beijing and finally got Master Degree in HongKong.  She haven't shown too much works to up but only some of her videos can illustrate me the magic of AfterEffect!  These days, she play a big role in our team as a very good concept designer, her illustrations are so lovely!

Here is a funny picture we took by Zheng's Macbook!


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