New Search Bar Added

日期:2007 年 9 月 16 日Diary
Updated the template again, made some small tweaks and added a mini search bar to the blog header and thus remove the search module from siderbar.  
Great thanks to Yeyo for giving me the permission to use his search bar codes.[emot]shy[/emot]

I've optimized the css file, but have no opportunities to testify it under IE7.0.  So if you guys are using IE 7, plz tell is the new template ok, thanks!  lol

To seach the content, just type the keywords in this field and then press 'Enter' on your keyboard.


顺便说一下,因为众所周知的原因 Feedbuner在国内已经无法使用,所以把rss输出改到了feedsky:


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